4 Reasons Why Flying Private Is Worth Every Penny

You may think flying private is an extravagant expense, but the private jet cost includes a whole host of benefits that are worth every penny.

4 Reasons Why Flying Private Is Worth Every Penny

When we think about flying private, we inevitably think it’s not something for the average person. In the past, only the wealthiest enjoyed the benefits of private plane charters. But with the expansion of the private jet industry, more people can take advantage of this brilliant mode of transport.
Although private jet costs can seem high, if you’re travelling with friends, or need to get to an urgent business meeting, flying private could be the best option, not just for your comfort and convenience but for your wallet too.

1: Travelling Together

When you’re travelling in a large group, flying with a commercial airline can be a logistical nightmare to say the least. The chances of you getting seated together are virtually non-existent, especially if you’re flying last minute, and getting a large group of people through a busy airport can be stressful – not the best start to a holiday with friends and family.

With a private plane charter, you get a whole plane to yourself, giving you the freedom to catch up with your friends as you travel in a more comfortable setting. Private charters also have access to smaller airports, so you can avoid busy airports, land closer to your destination and get your holiday started as soon as possible. Furthermore, everyone in your party can contribute towards the private jet cost, making flying private much more affordable too.

2: Last Minute Plans

In the business world, things can change at the drop of a hat and these time-sensitive opportunities can often make or break your business. This is why you may need to get to another country at really short notice, or you’ll lose out on valuable business opportunities. Unlike commercial airlines, private plane charters have more flexible schedules, meaning you can fly at a time that suits you. Because of this flexibility, when you need to go abroad last minute, a private jet can get you there. The flying private cost doesn’t just provide a plane – it offers flexibility, convenience and above all, speed.

3: Time Is Money

There’s nothing more frustrating than being stranded at an airport or diverted to an airport due to a medical emergency onboard or a problem with a disruptive passenger. You could have missed your flight due to delays at check-in or security, or your flight may have been cancelled. Either way, if you’re travelling to negotiate critical business deals, missing your flight could mean you miss out on key business opportunities and income. When flying private, you’re usually in the air within 15 minutes of getting to the airport, meaning you will get to your destination on time, ready to make that deal. Remember, time is money and every second counts when it comes to a business opportunity!

4: Making Time Back

In the world of work, productivity is key. So if you’re travelling for work, using the travel time to get some work done can make all the difference, especially if you’re planning for a business meeting at the final destination. However, a packed commercial flight isn’t the best setting for productivity. When you’re surrounded by strangers, it’s hard to focus on emails and paperwork. What’s more, if you’re travelling with colleagues, it’s hard to discuss work matters on a commercial flight, especially if those conversations are confidential. The flying private cost buys you something a commercial flight can’t – privacy!

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