5 Benefits Of Private Plane Charters

Flying private has long been the preserve of the rich and famous, but there's no reason why you shouldn't enjoy the perks that flying private offers.

5 Benefits Of Private Plane Charters

Let’s face it, flying with a commercial airline isn’t the best way to start your holiday or business trip. Cramped seats, luggage restrictions and waiting around for hours in busy airports aren’t much fun for anyone. But there is another way – flying private. Historically, private plane charters have been the preserve of the wealthy. However, the private flight industry has expanded in recent years, making it a real possibility for the average person. Here are some of the perks of using a private jet charter.

1: Save Precious Time

Flying commercially takes up a lot of time, let’s be honest. From queuing at check-in and security to leaving your home hours before you’re due to fly, it’s all very time-consuming and stressful. When flying private, you’re generally in the air within 15 minutes of arriving at the airport. This particularly benefits passengers with mobility issues, who may struggle to move around a large and busy airport.

2: Make Travelling More Comfortable

Commercial planes are not the most comfortable of spaces. Cramped seats, close contact with strangers and dirty toilets can make commercial flying quite unpleasant. With a jet charter, you have the whole plane to yourself. This is particularly beneficial for those travelling with families or in large groups. For passengers with mobility issues, sitting in a cramped seat for too long can be uncomfortable, even painful. Having the freedom to move around whenever you want makes the whole experience of flying much more comfortable.

3: Access To Exclusive Destinations

Commercial flights can only land at major airports, but private plane charters have no such restrictions. Private flights can land at smaller airports with shorter runways, giving you more freedom to choose which airport you land at. Rather than having to land at the closest major airport to their destination, passengers can choose the airport most convenient for them, making flying much more efficient.

4: Fewer Baggage Restrictions

Having to plan what you take on holiday, depending on an airline’s baggage allowance, can be very limiting. Most jet charters have more relaxed baggage allowances and weight restrictions compared to commercial airlines. This is particularly appealing for those going on a skiing, golfing or surfing holiday and requires a lot of heavy and bulky equipment.

5: Rub Shoulders With The Rich, and Famous

Private plane charters are typically more popular with high-net-worth individuals. Flying private gives you the potential to meet people you would never have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. This could offer opportunities in both your professional and personal life.

Final Thoughts

Flying private offers passengers many benefits that are no longer just reserved for celebrities and the super-rich. The growing private flight industry means this mode of transport is now a realistic option for anyone. The idea of saving time at the airport, as well as travelling in privacy and comfort, makes private plane charter appealing to everyone. Having more control over when and where you land also makes flying private one of the best ways to travel.

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