Flying Private: Do I Need A Passport

Flying private costs slightly more than business class, but it takes the stress and inconvenience out of flying. Find out if you need a passport when flying private.

Flying Private: Do I Need A Passport?

Although flying private costs slightly more than business class, it offers perks you don’t get flying with a commercial airline. Flying private takes the stress out of air travel, letting you relax and arrive at your destination calm, refreshed and ready to go.

We’ve all been there – dashing around the house at the last minute trying to find our passport. But do you even need a passport when flying private? Let’s look at what you need for flying private and what happens when you arrive at the airport.

Flying Private Within The UK

If you’re flying private within the UK, including Northern Ireland, you don’t need to bring your passport at all. However, you should bring some form of photographic identification with you on your journey. This could be your passport, but it could also be another authorised form of photo identification, such as your driving licence.

Flying Private Abroad

If you’re flying internationally, you will need to bring your passport. The same immigration requirements that exist for commercial flights also apply to flying private. However, the pre-flight checks happen much faster for flying private.

What Else Do I Need To Fly Private?

As with commercial flights, you need to ensure you meet the relevant immigration requirements before flying private. This could mean you need a visa, depending on where you’re going. Make sure you check with the relevant authority in your country of origin for the procedures required before you fly.

Arriving At The Airport

Unlike commercial airlines, you don’t need to arrive at the airport hours before your flight departs. This is because you will go through a dedicated private jet terminal called a fixed base operator, or FBO. This process is much quicker, and you can expect to board your aircraft within 15-30 minutes of your arrival at the airport.

Landing At Your Destination

Disembarking when flying private is just as seamless as boarding. You won’t spend hours waiting to go through customs and immigration as this is handled by officers from the FBO. In some cases, officers will come onboard your aircraft to do their checks. When that’s done, which only takes a few minutes, you can grab your bags (no need to go through baggage reclaim), and you’re free to go.

Worth The Flying Private Cost

When you look at how much a private jet costs, it’s important to remember what else you get for the price. A cramped seat on a packed commercial flight will probably come with long delays at check-in and security and hours spent at the terminal waiting to board.

The flying private cost includes ease, convenience, comfort and choice. You may still need a passport for some journeys, as well as any necessary visas, but the whole process of flying private is quick, slick, and hassle-free. When you take all this into account, you get far more for your money when flying private, compared to a commercial airline.

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