2023 Luxury Accommodation & Private Villa Hire Trends

From bespoke luxury group accommodation to private villa hire with whirlpool baths and private organic chefs, we reveal the 2023 luxury accommodation trends.

2023 Luxury Accommodation & Private Villa Hire Trends

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and travel in luxury, you’ll want to discover the hottest new travel trends when it comes to private villa hire, right? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right place. As leading luxury travel experts, we’ll be discussing the latest trends for 2023 in holiday villa hire and luxury group accommodation. Whether you’re looking for a private villa for your friends and family or something a little more exclusive and romantic, we’ve got you covered. So, pour yourself a glass of Champagne and let’s get started!

Wellbeing Is A Priority

One of the biggest trends we’re seeing in villa hire and luxury group accommodation is a focus on well-being. Whether you’re looking to relax and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul with sunset yoga, or you wish to indulge in ice bathing to reduce anxiety, villas are now offering cutting-edge wellness facilities that can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Private Villas With Dedicated Chefs

Another up-and-coming trend in luxury villa hire is private group accommodation with dedicated chefs. These premium villas feature full-time private chefs who can prepare the most delicious and gourmet meals for you and your party on a daily basis. So, whether you’re looking to host a romantic dinner for two or you want to throw an extravagant party with only organic and seasonal produce, a private chef is a must. Plus, is there anything more extravagant than being able to request a gourmet meal designed to nurture your body, and help you lose weight, yet give your tastebuds an experience to remember, and without having to leave your villa? Since the saying goes, you are what you eat, this also ties in with well-being and self care.

Thrilling Excursions With Experts

Private villa hire and luxury group accommodation is also becoming more targeted towards thrill-seekers and adventurers. From private villas with access to exclusive hunting grounds or yacht charters for diving trips in the Caribbean, villas are now catering to those who want to mix their luxury accommodation escape with truly exhilarating experiences. But rather than arrange a tour guide or travel host to teach you a new skill while on holiday, when it comes to luxury, it’s about bringing in the best. And this means learning to snowboard with a World Champion snowboarder or going on a safari with an acclaimed wildlife photographer.

Bespoke Entertainment Options

And let’s not forget about the entertainment options at villas, which are becoming more and more bespoke. Whether you want to enjoy a private cabaret performance with your friends or you prefer a romantic couples massage in front of an open fire with flickering candles and soft music, villa owners have really upped their game. And this alone is helping to attract business from luxury hotels to more remote private villa hires that can enhance a guest’s overall travel experience.

Private Jet & Private Yacht Charter

Another growing trend for travel in 2023 is private jet charters and yacht hire. Rather than fly first-class via a commercial airline to a holiday villa hire, guests are now choosing to travel privately. Whether you want to fly to your villa in style or embark on a fishing weekend on a luxury yacht, a luxury travel concierge can help arrange the private travel experience of your dreams.

Villas With Dedicated Drivers

Hiring a car in another country comes with its own set of challenges. From navigating unfamiliar roads to getting lost in an unknown city, many villa guests are now choosing to avoid these hassles by arranging a private villa driver as part of their villa rental package. A dedicated chauffeur can be added to your holiday villa hire package and will provide airport transfers, excursions and sightseeing, as well as take you to nearby towns to pick up any essentials that you may have forgotten to pack. Not only is this convenient, but it’s also much safer too. A local driver will be fully aware of the rules of the road as well as any areas and neighbourhoods to avoid.²

Special Requirements & Home Comforts

There is nothing quite like the feeling of a home away from home, so when booking a private villa, why shouldn’t it feel as comfortable and homely? In 2023, guests are looking for both sophisticated spaces and homely touches to help them feel completely at ease in a new environment. Think about holiday villa hires with a personal butler who can cater to your every need, villa cinemas and state-of-the-art music systems for entertaining guests or luxury accommodation with private pools and spas complete with rejuvenating treatments. Each touch of luxury and comfort can help guests to relax and unwind.

Seasonal Celebrations

Finally, we come to seasonal decorations and celebrations. Whether it’s a villa near the beach for New Year or villas with access to ski slopes and ice rinks in winter, villa owners are now starting to decorate their properties seasonally. From Christmas wreaths and stunning table decorations that celebrate the festive season to private fireworks displays on New Year’s Eve, celebrating special occasions overseas has never been so luxurious.

Luxury Travel Concierge

Whether you’re planning your villa holiday for yourself, a group of friends or as part of a family getaway, the luxury villa rental market is booming, and in 2023 we can expect this trend to continue. With all-inclusive villas that cater to every need and want during your stay, villas that offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences and villas with spectacular seasonal decorations and celebrations, there truly is no better way to enjoy luxury travel. So why not start planning your villa holiday today? Contact our travel concierge team today, who will arrange a bespoke trip from private jet charter to private villa hire and everything in between.

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